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Modeling 101

Advice for women in NYC....


Print modeling is the type of modeling I do b/c it can pay well and it's more suited for people who have their look together, but aren't necessarily built like high-end runway models. (Women who are 5'10 and over and wear a size 2 or smaller)

First and Foremost- Regarding being a print model:

Are you ready to prioritize it and make it your main hustle?

This biz looks glamorous, but it's work! So if you have a 9-5 that isn't flexible, I'd advise against it. Castings are usually last minute and at any random time. So if you can't drop everything to be there, then you won't get work. You really dial back your chances of getting modeling work if you treat this as a part-time hobby.

Next is pictures. Do your homework. The point is to sell products, most ads feature a model who enhances their products but don't take away from it... and still fit the brand.


Do your research from in the magazines and on the websites. Google top 10 modeling print agencies in NYC.

Pick up a few magazines and only look for the women who look like you who are selling products. Look at their hairstyles, nails, clothes, expressions and clothing colors choices. Notice what age groups and styles are associated with different products. You'll get a better idea of what kind of pictures agencies want.

Don't reinvent the wheel or assume you know what kind of pictures you should take.... Also, go to the websites of the print agencies that fit your type and mimic the women on their websites.

You'll generally need to take a variety of pictures for a variety of looks. They generally fall into these categories: beauty, sexy, business, sporty, casual and mom.

FYI-Pictures can be a little pricey but necessary to get into these agencies and castings and get booked.

There's a bit more to it; but I think this is a good place to start.

Email me for:

-Photographer Recommendations

-Further Details

-Agency Recommendations

-High Fashion Modeling advice

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